How To Deal With Other People’s Stress…

Have you ever been called selfish for staying to yourself? I’ve been told before that I don’t care to know what’s going on with people because I keep to myself. The oxymoron in that statement is that I do care, many times much more than I should. It’s just that after learning a hard lesson about self-health and the right type of SELF-love, I now respect my personal aura by minding my own business. 

I no longer go overboard trying to interject myself into other people’s lives by putting them first. When I’m needed and someone wants to offer me their story, I will always be that shoulder to lean on with my two ears to listen. My empathic levels are always on 10! Now, I choose to stay to myself unless needed because it’s healthier for me. Too many tough lessons have taught me that it’s not my job to fix other people’s problems. That’s God’s job! 

For years, I’ve struggled with letting people handle things themselves. I’ve always felt compelled to step in and fix whatever’s broken. But in the end, all that path led me to was overexertion, weariness, sleepless nights, anxiety and stress worrying about someone else’s business. So now I politely pray from a distance, turning all things over to God. I sleep peacefully minding what’s mine and leaving God to handle what’s theirs. 

So I pray today that you be encouraged to take time for yourself. Focus on what’s going on in your life and leave outside noise or drama to God. Pray for them from a distance while you keep it moving. Let nobody’s burdens drag you down. In Jesus name, I pray Amen. 

Sincerely with love, 


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