I Confess: Today I Needed Encouragement…

Today I must confess. Usually I am uplifting others; but as the rain pours today, added on top of the doubt and naysayers of the enemy disguised in familiar forms, I found myself needing encouragement. I was beginning to second guess myself and question God about what it is He has planned for my life. 

However, just as I finished my anxiety outbreaks of prayers and having a serious talk with God and myself, I opened up my Instagram account & received a message from a fellow friend in Christ who told me to “Stay Encouraged.” He did not know what I prayed for and he had absolutely no knowledge of my anxiety attack. That’s how I know it was God sent. 

That’s how He works. We may not always get the answers we want to hear but He’ll always find a way to deliver the message we NEED to hear! 

So I share my testimony today with hopes that whoever else may be feeling worry or doubt about a decision they made or their life’s journey, just know to never give up. Stay encouraged. If you have to break down for a moment like I did, do it. Cry out if you need to. Write it down if you have to. After you finish getting it all out, pray about it. Ask God to handle it & wait for His response. Trust me, He won’t let you down! 

Sincerely with love, 


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  1. Hi Andrea; Listen , Satan’s greatest tool is discouragement. If he can make you believe that God isnot greater than
    any problem you might have ,he’s gotcha. There are many biblical personages who could have let discouragement
    defeat them, but they didn’t So never get discourage, you’re telling God that h is limited, and only satan believes that Lie.

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