A Daily Reminder: You Are Exactly Where You Need To Be! 

With life comes death and with death comes life. That’s just how life works. For everything there is a season. A season of sowing, a season of harvest, a season of mourning and a season of joy, a season of learning and a season of teaching, a season of loss and a season of prosperity. 

Take each day as a gift for that’s what the present is. Live your life purposefully. Let all that you do be for your greater good and the well being of others. Understand that wherever you are right now, is EXACTLY where you’re meant to be. The universe was designed before your time and so were your steps. Your steps are ordered by God. 

So, take a deep breath, smile and embrace this very moment for you won’t get it back. No matter if it’s good, bad or ugly, just know that whatever’s happening right now in your life is supposed to be happening. 

If you made it through yesterday, you’ll make it through today. Your worst season is behind you. Declare it now that what God has for you, it is for YOU! SO GO AFTER YOUR DREAMS! I pray you be encouraged! In Jesus name Amen. 

Sincerely with love, 


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