War vs. The People: Who Should You Turn To? 

If you’re just like me, then you wake up to either seeing the news on television or reading about it online or in the newspaper. There’s constant political propaganda being thrown around between a bunch of rich, wealthy people in power. They make their rules, they wage their wars, they govern with an iron fist. Sadly while they squabble over power, they forget about the people. 

The people are the ones who get hurt. The people are the ones who are neglected. The people are the ones who are forgotten. I’m not here to talk about politics, I’m here for the unforgotten people. I’m here to spread peace, love, joy and above all else, hope. I’m here to spread hope to those who feel forgotten. I’m here to spread love for those who feel unloved. I’m here to spread joy to those who’ve lost it or never felt an ounce of happiness. 

I’ve been through many things in my life, but when all hope, love and joy was gone, I found peace in God. I found solace in prayer. I found encouragement in meditating, studying and reading His word. Not every day was sunshines & rainbows, but I cried out in prayer until I found hope again. 

So I pray today for those who worry, who have lost hope and who have little to no joy. I pray that you turn to the only person who can help you –God. I pray you find peace not in man but in Him. Man is flawed, but God is not! Turn to Him bringing all your burdens you carry. May you rest assured knowing God loves you & is in control of your life. He will never leave you nor forsake you. In Jesus name, I pray, Amen. Please be at peace knowing you are thought about & loved. You, my friend, are NOT forgotten. 

Sincerely with love,  


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  1. Thank you & God bless you as well 😘


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