Poor vs. Rich: How Well Off Are You Really???

We’ve all seen this picture before. There are tons of park benches lined up on busy city streets, in parks or on boardwalks all over the world. Many times we walk right by not paying it any mind. Most wouldn’t even stop to take this picture like I did because of the trash on the ground or because of its insignificance to them. But what if you stopped for a minute & actually looked over at the bench you’re passing by? 

To you, it may appear as a simple park bench. To another, it is a nice place to lay their head. The person you find sleeping on it, sitting on it or under it, isn’t there because it’s a fun place to do business; they’re there for a reason. To you, they’re “junkies” or “bums” who belong exactly where they are. What if you stopped & asked them why they’re there? You might find an interesting story of lost. 

Some lost their way by way of job shortage, insufficient funds, war, medical illness, or they’ve just fallen on hard times. Others lost their way due to drugs & alcohol. But before you judge them, remember this little tidbit: The strong can become weak & the rich can become poor. Tomorrow’s not promised to you, neither is job security, mental or physical health, finances or a strong willed mind to never become lost. 

So next time you walk by a bench, ask yourself this question: If my circumstances were any different, could that be me??? Never judge a book by its cover. You NEVER know the story that’s behind those pages. 

No matter how “well off” you think you are, you’re not invincible to hard times. And those thinking that they are “poor” because you don’t have as much money as you desire, if you’re reading this right now, than you’re richer than you think! 

So, appreciate your blessings, pray for & give to those who have less than you. You never know when your circumstances could take a drastic turn for the worse and that could be you sleeping, sitting or kneeling on that very same park bench one day.

I pray this story teaches you how blessed and well of you really are. May God’s mercy continue to dwell on you and may He give you a kind, giving heart. May you choose to be generous to another person today. May you take a walk in their figurative shoes deciding to do good by them instead of walking away. May He grant you more than you can ask for your kindness. And if you have absolutely nothing to give, then may He put a prayer in your mind. Say it in front of them or as you drive or walk away. May God receive your words as genuine music to His ears and may He bless the person you pray for exceeding abundantly. In Jesus name I pray Amen. 

Sincerely with love,


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