A Prayer & A Lesson About Overcoming Struggles…

Every day and every night I pray and read my Bible. I crave the love of God as I do the air I breathe. I need to read the word as badly as I need to see. It keeps me strong and helps me stay encouraged. It’s because of His love, understanding Christ’s sacrifice, and the lessons taught by the apostles that I am still standing today. 

I’ve been through tough times and dark storms. Yet through it all, I’ve been healed and able to smile again. Why? Because I prayed and studied until I made myself see the light of God. I thought God had forgotten me or didn’t like me anymore because He allowed so many bad things to happen to me. But now I know it was because of His love that I was kept to survive the fight. I have a story to tell! I live to see another day because of His grace and mercy. 

I can’t take credit for overcoming the shadows of grief, depression, stress and sadness. I have joy now only because of God! I sing because I’m happy. I sing because I’m free. I’m free from depression and darkness. I’m free from hatred and bitterness. I’m free from anger and lost. I’m free from guilt and despair. I’m free from sadness and grief! I’m free because God allowed me to be free! 

I pray tonight that you seek out God’s love for yourself. When you search, may you find His grace and mercy. May the light guide you down the path of righteousness. May you be healed and delivered from any evil that haunts you or comes your way. May you find out for yourself that all things work for the glory of the Lord. Your steps are ordered and everything you’re going through is for a reason. Trust your journey and just know that God is in control. You are NOT forgotten or unloved. You’re in a season of change and transition. God’s putting things into place for you. Hold tight and have faith. Your breakthrough is coming. This I pray In Jesus name, Amen. 

Have a great night and be encouraged! 

Sincerely with love, 


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  1. The ink is dry & the pen has be lifted! Thank God for testing those He love the most


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