I’ve Got A Story To Tell: A Lesson About Trusting Your Journey…

Sometimes in life, God will sit you down if you’re not listening. No matter how hard you may try to get up, you’ll get knocked right back down. That’s what happened to me. 

No matter how hard I tried to fight my way back up, I would be knocked right back down. I would get so angry as depression began to sink in because I couldn’t understand why I lost so much & why everything I would try to achieve seemed unattainable. One day it dawned on me: everything is happening to you for a reason! 

My problems were exactly the issues I thought I had. However, they were overwhelming due to my lack of dealing with my anxiety/ emotions about the tragedies that happened to me. I kept suppressing / burying my problems instead of dealing with them. I built layers upon layers of walls up trying to contain my emotions instead of just dealing with them. 

Well God wasn’t having any of that anymore. He needed me to grow and learn. So he knocked down those walls, sat me down and made me deal with everything. I grieved for a while. I cried for a while. I yelled for a while. I was bitter & angry for a while until finally my breakthrough came! I began to write again. 

From all of that came my joy, laughter and happiness. I no longer cry about the past for I know now that it had to happen. God gave me a story to tell but I couldn’t tell it until I dealt with the pain I harbored from it. Now I can share and help others from my struggles. My truth shall set someone else free. It’s by the lessons and grace of God that I escaped with a story to tell. 

We don’t always understand what He does or why He allows certain things to happen. But when attacks come on our lives, that’s when we have to say “He is my friend!”, “He Is My All!” , “He Is My Strength, Shield & Protector!” I now rejoice for the lessons God has taught me. 

I pray you embrace whatever troubles or turmoils you’re going through. Know that God is on your side and He has everything under control. It’s just a season of transition. In the end, you will survive to see another much glorious season. Just get through this process now and deal with whatever comes your way. Don’t suppress it. Don’t cower or hide from it for God has not given you the spirit of fear. Allow yourself to learn from your problems, grow from them and mature into a stronger person. Keep praying and reminding yourself that God only corrects those He loves! He will see you through. So hold your head high and keep the faith. In Jesus name I pray Amen.

Sincerely with love, 


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