Being Brave Even When The Road Seems Scary…

No matter how dark the tunnel or how uncertain the path may appear, walk in faith knowing God guides your steps. It’s not always easy to hear God’s voice but we keep the faith anyways that where we walk, no harm will come our way. Bravery is not ever being afraid. Bravery is pushing through the fears and doubts and trekking forward on the road up ahead. Pray for guidance and follow the path God has laid out for you. 

No one said it was going to be easy. It’s going to be downright hard. You’ll have doubts. You’ll have haters masked as lovers who will tell you to go a different, more suitable route. But you have to ask yourself these questions: If I don’t go down the path that seems too hard or too gritty or too grimy, will I regret it in the end? Will I get where I want to go following the path that everyone else chooses for me? 

I’d rather go where God tells me to go than to go where my friends, family or “loved ones” tell me I should go. I’d rather deal with the negative comments, taunts and them calling me crazy, than to believe that God isn’t powerful enough to move and see it done. Not everyone’s going to get it! They weren’t given the vision you were given. God chooses people for a reason. He reveals a path for your life for a reason. It’s not meant for everyone around you to get. It’s not meant for everyone around you to walk. YOUR PATH IS MEANT JUST FOR YOU! 

So walk in peace, have faith that God will see you down that seemingly rough, tough dark tunnel. Follow His light and let only Him guide your life. In Jesus name I pray all these things come to pass for your life and mine. May God’s light shine the brightest in our lives. May we only focus on his voice and no one elses. Let’s denounce fear and doubt right now. Let’s take up our own individual crosses and follow Christ. May God fill us with the strength and courage we need to walk our path. In Jesus name I pray Amen. Go now & be encouraged!

Sincerely with love, 


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  1. Yes! What is meant for you will be! Long as we let go & let God!

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