A Declaration Prayer: Thank You God For The Now!!!

Dear God: Tonight I thank you for contentment. Lord many times I may forget to thank you for the little things I have now. As a human being, I tend to get so caught up with where I’m trying to go that I forget to see the things you have done for me already. So I just want to take a quick moment to thank you for the now. 

I’ve been through so much, yet I still want to thank you for the lessons. It’s because of the things I’ve went through that I give you glory today. It’s because of the darkness I’ve endured that I can now see the light. It’s by your grace and mercy that I rejoice with praise and honor for your name. YOU are the reason I live today! It’s because of YOU that I’ve been able to get through my toughest, most darkest times.

I know that everything happens in seasons. There’s a time for everyone. I may not be where I want to be, but I am content knowing that you have me right where you NEED me to be. So Lord, I thank you for the now. 

As I get ready to lay my head down for rest, I ask that you guide my dreams. Conquer any manipulative thoughts. Show the enemy that He cannot win! I declare today that I am what you desired me to be and I walk by faith knowing that where you’re taking me is so much better than where I’ve been. 

I may lose some friends. I may alienate some people. But, it’s my season; it’s my time! I know I have an appointment with you so I’m walking into my Appointed Season. I will bless you! I will honor you! I will worship you all the days of my life! I will follow where you lead me giving you and your son Jesus all the praise, glory and honor. Like Pastor John Gray said tonight in his sermon at the Lakewood Church, I thank you God for the now and for my Appointed Season!

Now let the person reading this message receive the word you have for them. May they feel a spark of joy and hope in their hearts and minds. May they feel your comfortable embrace as you listen and answer their prayers. Let them have a wonderful, much needed conversation with you tonight. May they hear your call and go wherever you tell them to go. God, I thank you for the person reading this today. Let these words be a blessing to their life! In Jesus name, I pray truly with loving praise, AMEN! 

Sincerely with love, 


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  1. I read it Andrea . It is a very appropriate prayer. Paul says in one of his writings that he has learned to be content whereever God has placed him. In other words God has a purpose for us no matter wnere we find ourselves.

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