“How I Lost My Mind & Found My Life!” (Excerpts from my book I’m working on)

Three years ago today, I lost my best friend and the love of my life. Allow me to share some excerpts from my book I’m writing about my life’s journey. These parts below are about the significance of August 24th. I pray my testaments be a blessing to someone someday…

“Just a little over 24 hours prior, everything seemed to be looking up and going according to plan. My grandmother was starting to look like her old self again. Her face had youthful features reminding me of the woman I once knew growing up as a child in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It appeared as if time rewound itself and gave me back the strong, glowing woman I had come to love. Her frail state took a backseat and in jumped Father Time giving her back her voluptuous good looks and strength. I’ve always loved my grandmother deeper than any love I could have ever known. It was nice and refreshing to see her in that old-new light. I had prayed just a few days prior asking God to please give me a chance to relive the olden days with her before years of aging and brittleness had sank in. So here appeared to be my gift. God answered my prayers!…” 

“…Now 24 hours later on August 24, 2014, I was faced with my biggest challenge to date — my grandmother was dying … My heart died that day! I lost all hope for life that day! I prayed for death for it was a welcomed gift. Heartache is no joke! It’s a pain I wish no one has to endure. But I’ve learned through this journey that with death comes life. Had my grandmother still lived and not died, I never would’ve sought God’s love and strength. Had God not stepped in and took her away, I would’ve never embarked down this spiritual journey. I would’ve never known or embraced my calling and I would’ve never started writing this book. I would’ve never saw my life as anything more than just my grandmother’s caretaker.”

“We don’t always understand what God does or what He allows to happen. It took me 3 years just to get to this point. I can now say that I no longer look to the days of dread, heartache and despair. I may miss her but that pain doesn’t hurt as much as it once did. I will always remember her but now I focus more on the good days I had with her and not her last days. By taking her away, God gave me a renewed life. My faith is restored because I’ve come to know what His love, care, comfort and peace feels like. It’s because of her tragic ending that my spiritual journey began. 

When she died, I lost love thinking I’d never find it again. But what I lost with her, I found in God. It’s through His love that I have hope. I may be single now, but I have faith and believe that I will have love again. My heart sings the praises of God and his son Jesus Christ. For when I was lost, broken and hopeless, He saw something in me. I was given a second chance at life. I was granted a journey that I’m forever grateful to embark on. It wasn’t easy but thank God I made it! I miss my grandma dearly but I know now what she did for me. Her last and most greatest gift she ever could’ve given me was the gift of a life to follow on my own. I hope I make her proud. I know she’s smiling down on me happy that I’m moving on with my life and in a better place. Thank God for the gift and love of a mother! No matter if not birthed by her womb, the love and bond we shared was all the same. I wouldn’t trade that for the world!”

I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit of what I’ve been working on. Thank you for your time. 

Sincerely with love, 


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