It’s TIME NOW!!!

It’s time now for you to turn to God! There’s no better time than RIGHT NOW for you, heck for everyone, to turn to God! With every breath and strength left in your body, every victim and every watcher (of the news, social media, etc.) should be turning to God. Prayer goes a mighty long way!!! 

When there’s no money in the bank, pray. When there’s no food left, pray. When the waters continue to rise, pray. Sometimes the key to getting through things is to PRAISE your way out! Not everything can be magically fixed by the “mighty” dollar. Some things you have to go to the ALMIGHTY creator of ALL things for relief and survival. 

God I pray that you hear my cries and collect every tear that shouts your name. May you protect and cover the helpless and the weary. May you clothe the naked and provide warm food for the hungry. May you provide shelter for those without a home. May EVERY knee bow and EVERY tongue confess unto you. May you hear the sobs and cries of your people dear God and may your will be done! Save them God. Save every soul called unto you God. In JESUS NAME I PRAY AMEN. 

Sincerely with love,


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  1. P. U. S. H.!!!!!


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