What Would Happen If You Really Gave It A Try???

Ever wonder how much better your life would be if you just decided to try Christ for yourself?! What if you actually started a relationship with Him instead of with men / women, what do you think you’d learn about yourself and real love? 

No matter where you are, what stage of life you’re in, how wrong or how hard your life feels right now, you can call on the name of Jesus, our Lord and savior. It doesn’t matter if you’ve grown up in church or if you’ve never even heard His name before, He loves us all and He died for ALL of our sins. Not just mine, not just the Pope’s, not just the pastor / preacher you see on TV or the people you see / hear about in churches, He died for us ALL! 

Even though I grew up in church, I never knew God until I sought him out for myself. I, too, had to go on a spiritual journey of my own. I left the church, went into the world, stopped reading the Bible and praying and I found nothing but heartache, depression, fear and despair. It’s not until I cried out to Jesus and started to read and study the Bible that my life begin to change. I heard of the stories many times growing up; however, I never understood them and what they meant until I decided to open the book, meditate on the words I was reading, pray and talk to God for myself that it all began to make sense to me. Again, let me reiterate, I was not in church building this relationship with Christ. I was at home, all alone choosing to seek God for myself. But it didn’t happen overnight. 

Like any relationship, it takes work and time. Countless hours everyday I put in the work. I read the Bible by myself. I prayed alone in my room. I cried my tears and laid out all my cares, stress, burdens and pains at His feet. I turned on gospel music singing hymnals in my room having my own worship service with The Lord by myself. By opening my mind and my mouth, I began to call on the name of Jesus and by putting in the work to make this relationship solid, I saw things begin to suddenly change for me. 

I started to feel differently. I started to look differently. I started to sound differently. I began to have hope and believe in myself again. I began to feel wanted at times when I thought I was uncared for, lost and forgotten. I believed that someone higher than me loved me and cared about me. I started to have joy in my heart and a smile began to grow on my face. I was happy for no reason at all but God. I prayed several times a day and the more I prayed, the more my life got better. 

Now, I continue to believe in myself for I know that my life has a purpose. I continue to pray, sing praise unto God, listen to gospel / spiritual uplifting music, read and study my bible daily, meditate and cultivate my relationship with Christ. The more I call on the name of Jesus, demons begin to pop out showing themselves to be nothing but haters in my life. Even those loved ones closest to me began to show their true colors. I shake them off of me now with a smile and positive attitude because their words, actions and the thought of losing them doesn’t hurt nor affect me anymore. 

Their lies they try to tell me, the hate and negativity they try to throw my way, it no longer affects me anymore because God blocks out every attempt on my life. I don’t have to fight the battles anymore for He fights them for me. I just have to hold my peace staying positive and prayed up. The darkness that used to surround me has lifted and I see bright lights, everyday, all around me. 

I’m telling you, it took time and backbreaking hard work. I had to lose a few friends and relationships with people who claimed to love me along the way. However, I’m glad to say that in the end, my hard work pays off. This is the best relationship I have ever had in my life!!! I wake up happy instead of crying. I see joy instead of despair. I have hope where hope was lost. I feel loved — genuine love that I never felt before. I’ve seen things I’ve prayed about answered so fast that it shocked me to know God could work so fast. He listens because I talk (pray) to Him. We have a relationship. I know firsthand what the power of God can do. 

These are both tragic and troubling times we are living in. Yet it’s in these times that there’s clearly no better place to turn to but up. Try Him for yourself and see how different your life becomes. Try being consistent with God and see for yourself how your life and the things around you begin to change. Watch how God works for you when you start seeking and working for Him. You have to start the relationship. He’s there ready to start dating you but only when you’re ready to take the leap of faith. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a man, woman or child and it definitely doesn’t matter what you’ve done or been through in your past, He’s there to erase it all. Let Him right your wrongs and show you what true love is all about. 

So I encourage you to take time today to talk to Him. Take time out of your busy schedule and give your relationship with God some much needed TLC (tender, loving, care). Just open your mouth, shut out the noise surrounding you and begin to chat with Him just as you do with anyone else. Meditate on His word. He’s already there waiting on you but it’s up to you to seek that relationship for yourself. I promise it’ll be a miracle you’ve been waiting on! It’ll be the type of love you’ve always wanted. Don’t believe me? Well try it and prove me wrong! Let’s see what God does for you once you start cultivating and nurturing your relationship with Him. Then come tell me all about it. 

Sincerely with love, 


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  1. Thank God for always being here for us!


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