Some Relationships Are Worth The Work…

(Hebrews 11:6 NLT) Unless you willingly and sincerely seek Him, you will never find God. Trust me I know from my own personal experience. I was just telling you about that in yesterday’s post. I had to go on a quest of my own and find God for myself.

I didn’t find him in a church building. I didn’t find him when I was dressed in my designer clothes and fine jewelry. I didn’t find him when I was “little miss perfect” pretending to have it all together. Nope! I found him when I took off the mask, got down on my luck, life got rough, I lost everything and I had no choice but to turn to God. I opened my Bible and begin to pray. I cried and prayed everyday until I saw Him. I sang his praises and waited to listen out for His voice. It took time, major hard work, patience and diligence but it paid off! 

Trust me, having a relationship with God is better than having a relationship with the world. I’d rather gain a love so strong and deep than to keep seeking out superficial love by men who don’t even know how to love themselves in the first place let alone me! #Facts Get you some God in your life and see how much better your life becomes once you truly seek, trust and work on loving Him first. 

And if you have God in your life, keep cultivating it. Keep on nurturing it and spending quality time with our Lord. Always remember relationships are a two way street. They take dedication, time, hard work and perseverance. I promise you this is the relationship you truly want to see thrive! So keep putting in the work. It pays off big time!!!

Sincerely with love, 


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