You Had A Setback, But Are You Ready For Your SETUP?!?!

In my short life, one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is that when all hope is lost, there’s only one person I can turn to. When all the chips are down and you’re going through the toughest, worst times of your life, that’s when true character is developed. It’s during those times you’ll also find out who your real friends are & who really has your back. 

Worry not for the things you’ve lost, but rejoice for the biggest gift you still have which is LIFE! Things can be replaced, homes can be rebuilt, but once your life is lost, that’s it! When a person dies, their life cannot be rebuilt. So no matter what type of storm (literal, emotional, physical or spiritually speaking) you are going through, just know that there’s hope at the end of the tunnel. 

You may not can see it now, but there’s someone like me who’s been through many storms: losing loved ones, job loss, bankruptcy, loneliness, hopelessness, insanity, emotional turmoils, homelessness, depression, fear, etc. I even went through Hurricane Andrew. If God allowed me to survive all the storms I’ve been through & still find a reason to smile again, then you have to know that He can do the same for you too. Don’t stress about the things you cannot change. Instead rejoice and be happy for you’ve survived the storm. 

Now it’s time to rebuild!!! Rebuild your life, rebuild your homes, rebuild your joy, rebuild your faith, rebuild your dreams, rebuild your family, rebuild your marriage, rebuild everything you’ve lost from whatever storms that entered and uprooted your life. It’s now time to get to work rebuilding those things you’ve lost. 

The only way to start rebuilding is through God & faith. Have faith that you can reclaim everything that was stolen, taken, or torn apart from your life. Have faith knowing that you are much stronger than you think. Have faith knowing that you can conquer and achieve anything you set your mind to. Have faith knowing that this is not the end. Those storms were not a SETBACK but a SETUP to bigger and better things. So get ready to get your hands dirty, find your favorite song to dance to because it’s now time for you to start rebuilding! 

I pray today that this message be received wholeheartedly by the people who need to read it. I pray that each person reading this realizes they are covered by God who’s keeping them alive, protecting their loved ones and building them up with strength, courage and endurance to get through any storms that come their way. This is not the end of life but the beginning of renewed faith in Jesus Christ. I pray that you continue to have hope in spite of what’s lost. I pray that you find peace and reassurance knowing that God is in control and that He has not forgotten you. He allowed the storms to come in order to set you up for something better. I pray that you receive this wake up call and GET READY for your next blessings to come exceeding abundantly. In Jesus name I pray, Amen. Be blessed my friend. 

Sincerely with love, 


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