One Is The Lonliest Number: #SaysWho?!?!

(Matthew 6:6 NLT) They say one is the loneliest number. Sometimes it may feel that way. However, it’s in solitude that we find peace. It’s during alone, quiet times when we have time to think, meditate and pray. You can’t declutter your mind if your surroundings are cluttered with noise. You can’t decompress from the nagging dramas of life if you have a bunch of things going on occupying your time. The mind can’t grow and listen to the soul when there are anxieties, fears and doubts encompassing it. 

Today may seem like a “busy day” but it’s only busy if you make it that way. Only you can change your schedule. Just as you prioritize work, meal times, hanging out with friends/ boyfriends / girlfriends / husbands / wives / children, etc. you can start prioritizing quiet alone time. In that time, meditate and pray. All prayer is a quiet conversation with God. 

Have you checked in with Him lately? Don’t you think He deserves an update to what’s going on in your life? Don’t you think He wants to hear all about that promotion at work, that new man or woman you have in your life, that new baby that was just born or is on the way, that new opportunity / home / thing you really want so badly, that new project you’re working on or that new semester at school?!?! Yes, He does! He wants to hear all about it. 

So I issue you this #challege: take time today, get to an alone place, whether it is your car / bathroom / bedroom / basement / rooftop / the park, wherever you find quaint and peaceful, get there & have quiet, “ME” time. Once there, take a few deep breaths, open your mind / mouth and begin to tell The Father all about your cares and concerns. He’s there, in that space, waiting for you. 

I pray today you take my advice. Accept my challenge & give yourself some much needed ME time with God. You owe it to yourself for the sake of your sanity to make time for meditation and prayer. God wants to hear from you. He’s all knowing but He still wants to talk to you. I pray you take the time to give it to Him. In Jesus name Amen. 

Sincerely with love, 


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