When Trouble Comes, Who Can I Run To???

With everything that’s going on in the world, this is the time that we as people should come together and declare that Jesus is Our Lord and Savior. It’s in times like these when there’s only one place, one Person we can turn to. Man has shown its weakest links. Man has shown that it cannot be trusted. Man has shown it is truly FLAWED! But there’s one person, one being who isn’t flawed and His name is JESUS CHRIST!!! 

He is not flawed! He does not leave us hanging in times of need! He does not waver on His love for us! He does not forget us nor does He ignore us when we call. With sincere hearts and open minds, call on the one person who can do something for you. God is a big God. Problems are beneath Him. Troubles tremble at the sound of His voice. Water recedes at His command. Stress reduces at His request. All we have to do is call on His name. He listens to us and aides us in our times of need. 

Every time I’ve opened my mouth and cried out the name of Jesus, He’s shown up and sent aid. It may not always happen right away when I may want it to happen for God doesn’t work that way. He works on His own time, not ours! But whenever we truly NEED HIM TO SHOW UP, trust me when I tell you My God does more than show up, HE SHOWS OUT!!! 

So call on His name today. Place all of your cares and worries at His table. Leave all heavy burdens behind. Walk away from prayer in peace knowing that God heard your calls, seen & bottled up every one of your tears and stashed a note in His mental pocket on how He’s going to step in and bless you. After that, just wait. Wait on Him. He’ll get back to you. He always does. But you gotta have faith and practice patience. He sees you, trust me, He has everything under control. Smile now for the blessings that’s getting ready to come your way. 

Sincerely with love, 


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