Love Is All That Matters…

In times of need, there’s one thing to remember and that is love. Keep love in your hearts even when it feels like all hope is lost. Give love even to those who don’t want to give it back to you. Seek love from the only person that matters: GOD! 

He’s the only one that can wake you up in the morning and get you through those tough days. He’s the only one that can light up the skies even when the rain clouds hover over you relentless to let up. He’s the only one that can give peace to a broken heart. There’s God inside of you if you just look. 

Unlock that door and release the light inside of you. Let it shine brightly, getting you through the weary, long days and conforming you in those cold and dark nights. Let God’s love heal us all as we get through these storms. In Jesus name, I pray Amen. Be blessed and at peace knowing that Jesus is all and God sees all. Have a great day! 

Sincerely with love, 


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Travel photography by IG user: @saaggo 

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