What Does A Birthday Really Mean???

Today I turn 30. It’s a number I never thought I’d see. Just a few short years ago, my life was rocked to the core. I lost my great-aunt, grandmother and grandfather in one foul swoop. 2013-2014 was the hardest year of my life. 

Just like Job in the Bible, I lost it all. After I buried my beloved grandma September 5, 2014, I felt like my heart and soul was buried along with her. The next two years wouldn’t be any easier. I’d lose my mind, money, jobs, opportunity, and much more while in the process of sinking deep into my grief. I suffered so deeply that I wanted to end it all. 

One year ago, I tried just that. I tried to end my life. But it seems God had other plans for me. He decided I’d live and not die. So after that failed suicide attempt, I cried the hardest I’ve ever cried before and I screamed out in prayer for God to show me the way. I begged Him to teach me His way and for Jesus to guide my steps, become my best friend and show me why my life mattered. 

Fast forward a year later & today I can truly say I am blessed. I have found my purpose. It’s my job to share my story & the Good News of Jesus Christ. It’s my job to tell the world just how God saved me & set me free from my misery. We don’t always understand why things happen but you can trust it’s all for God’s glory. 

So today, on my birthday, I celebrate life & I celebrate God. I thank you Lord for granting me this gift called life. I thank you for everything I encountered for had I not went through those things, I wouldn’t know your ways nor would I be the woman I am today. To God, I give all the glory, honor and praise. Amen. Happy birthday to me. Thank you God for your blessings & for covering me. I will bless you. I will follow you.  

ALWAYS with sincere love,


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  1. Happy Happy Birthday! 🎈
    I wish you continuous, strength, courage and success as you share your testimonial journey with the world! 😊😜

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