There’s POWER in the NAME of JESUS!!!

I almost died today! The enemy sought to take me out, but praise God that He has the last word!!! Now that I got that decree out of the way, allow me to share my testimony.

It all started while I was on the phone telling someone about a recent incident that happened to me. I was sharing with this person how faithful God is and how He covered and protected me despite an attack from the enemy. As we were in the midst of our conversation, I felt a cough in my chest. Since it didn’t appear to be problematic at the time, I cleared my throat and continued with my story. Right after sharing my testimony, both of us started praising God for His favor. As we shared joyful pleasantries, I suddenly felt a coughing spell overtake me.

I could feel my lungs closing in as if someone was standing on my chest compressing them together. I tried breathing in deeply, but no air was coming into my lungs. It felt like someone was squeezing the air out of my body. Gasping for air, I felt a panicked fear creeping in. I could overhear the person on the phone asking if I was alright, but I could barely get the words out to tell them no and that I would call them back. I kept thinking to myself,

Lord, not today! Jesus help me! God send air into my lungs! The devil cannot win!”

I hung up the phone and tried calling my grandmother to see if she was nearby. When she answered the phone, I could barely get any words out. I hung up the phone, text that same friend I was speaking with, as well as my uncle and simply stated,

I’m having an asthma attack. Please pray for me right now!”

Struggling to walk, I managed to get to my bedroom to grab my purse for my emergency inhaler. I sat down by a window and took two pumps of the inhaler. Still, the air in my body continued to diminish. Immediately, I began thinking and trying my best, in between the little breaths I could muster up, calling on the name of Jesus. I kept repeating the names of God and Jesus Christ. I said a prayer in my mind begging and pleading that the window I was sitting by would blow some wind into my lungs. I tried my inhaler one last time, but nothing was changing. Needless to say, I was in desperate need for God’s help!

Lord, I need a miracle!

I said a prayer and thought about God’s word. Immediately, I grabbed my phone, opened my Bible app, typed in the word “healing” and began to read the words of God. Struggling to focus, I closed my eyes, said a prayer in my mind and kept reciting the name of Jesus. I prayed and reiterated the name of Jesus through the coughs and gasps for air. I looked back down at my phone and this was the first scripture that came up:

Instantaneously, after reading that scripture, I felt a calm, brisk wind whoosh into my window as I took one last deep breath in and out. Finally, I felt my lungs contract open. The more scriptures I read, the more my lungs filled with air and the coughing ceased. I paused for a minute from reading, turned to my music library and played Byron Cage’s, “It Is To You,” and “Glory To Your Name!”

I continued with my prayers and reading the word of God. Within minutes, my lungs cleared and I was able to breathe again. As I felt the air move through my lungs, I let out a big, “THANK YOU JESUS!” Over and over again, as I cried tears of joy, I thanked God for His wonderful miracle. He had favor over my life and heard my cry for help. He saved me from another (literal) attack of the enemy!

Through prayer, reading His word and speaking the beautiful name of Jesus Christ, God’s mercy allowed me to overcome the attack and have peace of mind and body. That asthma attack was sent to shut my mouth from talking about the grace and favor of God, yet here I stand with breath in my body writing and sharing my testimony with you today.


After everything I’ve been through today and in my short lifetime, nobody can tell me that MY GOD isn’t good! Prayer works! Reading the word of God works! Believing in your heart that God can do ANYTHING, exceedingly and abundantly is 100% accurate. I’m alive right now because God said my story will not end today! I’m alive right now because my faith kept me going. I’m alive right now because I believed God could work miracles!


I’m sharing my story because I believe people need to hear just how awesomely, amazing God is. He truly can do all things. He can heal! He can deliver! He can set free! He can break chains! He can work miracles because He is the great I AM! What happened to me today is EXACTLY why I will continue to share my story. I know that God has me covered and I am on the right path!

So I say to you today, no matter how tough things are, how tall the odds are stacked up against you, nor how much it seems like things aren’t going to change in your life, I’m a LIVING witness that God can turn things around. You just have to trust in your mind and believe in your heart that God can do all that you are asking of Him. He has you covered and protected. Nothing is too big, too small, nor too powerful for God to conquer. If He did it for me, I know that He can do it for you.

I sincerely thank you for reading my testimony today. I pray that you receive encouragement and inspiration from this truthful message. JESUS is ALL! GOD is the great I AM! He can work miracles and He can turn things around in your favor. Step into your miracle and know that whatever is coming against you, it cannot take you out for God has the final say! Today is the day to declare VICTORY over your life! The enemy has no power; therefore, he CANNOT win! I declare that you will not sink, you will swim! Whatever’s going on in your life, I pray God gives you the strength and the power to overcome every obstacle standing in your way. Trust that God has your back, just as He has mine. I pray you hand everything you’re facing over to Him. I pray your patience as you wait for God to shift things around in your favor. I pray that when your breakthrough comes, you share your testimony with the next person, so that they may be encouraged as well. In Jesus name I pray all these things be counted done, Amen.

Sincerely with love,


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  1. Praise God for keeping you with us. He is a mighty God. This is a great testimony thank you. Love you.

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  2. Thank God

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  3. Persistence 2 Freedom, LLC. April 22, 2018 — 11:48 pm

    Praise God you are ok. Stand strong on HIS word

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