Sometimes The Hardest Thing Is The Simplest Thing To Do…

In preparation for closing out the year, this fourth quarter I’ve embarked on a virtual, biblical journey with a select group of family members and friends in Christ. For the month of September, we’ve been diving in and individually reading the book of Matthew. The ultimate goal by the end of the year, as we read all four (4) Gospels of Jesus Christ, is to:

  1. learn more about Jesus Christ,
  2. learn more about ourselves,
  3. understand our roles in God’s kingdom,
  4. as well as feel closer to God.

I’m super excited to report that the majority of the group are still enthusiastically focused and keeping up with their readings. Yayyyy!!!!!

I must admit, when I first presented this task to the people God placed on my heart, I wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested, let alone rise up to the occasion. I figured a few would say yes, but wouldn’t bother following up with the intent to read. Imagine my surprise when, by the end of the second week, people were reaching out to me for the next week’s syllabus plan of the next chapters to read. This truly made me smile! Knowing that they were ecstatic about receiving and learning the word of God is such a blessing for me.

I once was a person who wasn’t as loud and boastful about my faith. I even had a moment, a few short years to be precise, when I abandoned religious teachings and had to go on my own spiritual journey in order to find and develop my faith. I’ve shared this all with you before in the article I’d written a few months back called, #ChurchHurt. So, to now be in a position where I’m boisterous about my faith and what God’s doing in my life is a complete turnaround. It’s all new for me to be so resilient and on fire in my faith (cue Tiffany Haddish’s famous line, “She Ready!”) I’m glad to know that people are just like me: seeking and ready to receive more of what The Lord has to offer.

It’s funny how we tend to overthink things. Had I spent more time thinking about why they wouldn’t be interested, I would’ve never reached out to them and received their eagerness for more. I think that’s all a part of fear. Although I openly share and confess my love for Christ with you and anyone else who’d listen, as you can see, I still have moments when I ponder upon the thought of if I’m overdoing it, or becoming overbearing to others. Regardless of those annoying fearful tricks of the enemy to silence me from speaking and sharing my faith, I continue on pressing the message of The Lord’s Gospel to all whom I encounter.

Just as the above scripture passage reads, this is our daily task as Christians. Though Christ spoke this message to the few disciples in that room, He meant it for all of us who love and honor God. We must all follow Christ’s leadership by spreading God’s love, peace, joyful yet instructional message on how to interact with and treat people. We all have a job to do on this planet, besides where you are clock in and out every single day.

I’m glad I chose to listen to that soft inner voice of God through His Holy Spirit instructing me to reach out to people. It feels good knowing that people’s souls are being saved and that they, too, are learning more about Christ and their individual role in God’s Kingdom. I know I can’t take any credit for this is their choice and their decision. I’m just glad that I wasn’t afraid to extend the offer. As my uncle always says, “Nothing beats a fail, but a try!”

So, now, here’s my challenge to you who’s reading this. Consider this your wake up call! Although the month of September is coming to a close, you can still join my peers and I as we continue reading God’s word. Embrace your fears and embark on this journey with us. Don’t let Saturday or Sunday morning, Wednesday night service, or even my blog be the only place you’re receiving God’s word. Do your part in your own salvation! I’m just here to be the messenger — a disciple of Christ spreading God’s love, guidance and discipline through what He’s doing in my life. You can experience the same thing if you just give Him a try. So, what are you waiting for?!

WILL YOU JOIN ME IN THE BIBLICAL CHALLENGE OF READING ONE (1) GOSPEL PER MONTH? [The Gospel Books in the Bible are: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.]

Sincerely with love,


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