What To Do When The Enemy Attacks You…

Good morning. As you know from my last post, “Who Can I Run To: Will You Pray For Me???,” I’ve been under heavy attack lately. The enemy has been hitting me left and right in my body, my finances, my health and mind, and has even tried to attack my dreams. He’s been throwing everything at me because he doesn’t want me to achieve and do all that The Lord has called me to do. I’m here today to remind the enemy that though his attempts are many, he cannot win! I WILL NEVER STOP TEACHING & SPREADING THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST!!!!

I don’t care who this revelation upsets. I don’t even care who stops speaking to me, curses me or talks about me because of my love and continued perseverance to do what The Lord has called me to do. Trust me when I say, I see and recognize that there are many legions that have lined up against me hoping, secretly working and sneaking behind the scenes trying to stop me from doing The Lord’s work. People I would’ve never guessed have cursed me to my face. People in my own family have tried to silence me, hurt me in every way including attacking my life and health in attempts to silence me and shut me down. I’m here today to tell the enemy, “Not today! Your plans won’t work! I’m still going after God with everything I have, even if I have little strength left in my body to do so!”

The enemy hates those he knows has a calling on their lives to do great things for the kingdom of God! The enemy can’t stand it when people are defiant and stepping up to him with all of heaven’s authority backing them! The enemy hates to see the children of God win and prosper! That’s why he tries so hard to attack us. He doesn’t want any of us to learn our value, worth, strength, authority and position in God’s kingdom. He means to diminish the value of the true Christian faith. This is why it’s up to us, who love Christ, to follow in His footsteps by standing up to the enemy and declaring victory in Jesus’ name.

Early in the wee hours of this morning, as everyone else slept and after another long day for me in the hospital emergency room, the grace of God led me to worship him. I had just finished reading the whole book of Job and Mark in the bible and was praying to God for instructions, a breakthrough, and signs for a huge, victorious miracle out of all of this oppression I’ve been facing. With all the attacks coming towards me from my family and health, the physical bruises and the emotional scars left me feeling badly beaten and dare I say, a little defeated in this war on evil. I thank God for the reminder that my help comes from Him, because otherwise I’d be depressed, lost and back consumed by the same darkness He’d freed me from back in 2016.

So, after spending heavy time in prayer and studying The Word of The Lord, I was led to turn on YouTube. There, on my homepage, I saw a video uploaded by a pastor named Michael Todd of Transformation Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma and it was titled, “The Pace Has Changed: Recalculating.” Feeling led by the Spirit, I tuned in, took my bible back out and allowed the Lord to guide me and teach me some more. As I watched, I listened intensely to what The Holy Spirit was trying to say to me, and I worshipped God harder with my arms raised and tears streaming down my face. In doing that, I was able to hear and understand a few things more clearly. I got a different perspective on what’s been going on with me lately and why I’ve been under such heavy fire. As if Pastor Todd’s message in that sermon wasn’t enough, the Holy Spirit led me to catch another one of his sermons titled, “Marked!” After I finished watching and listening to that message, I was then led to another sermon by another Pastor named Sarah Jakes Roberts. She’s the daughter of Bishop T.D.Jakes and is co-pastor with her husband Touré of One Church in Los Angeles, California. Her message was simply titled, “Everything Must Go!

After spending countless hours first studying the word for myself, and then receiving some instructions and clarity as to what’s happening to me in this season, by the Holy Spirit through these anointed disciples of Christ, I felt a sense of overwhelming peace and relief. All of the messages taken from each sermon were answers to my prayers. The Lord was reminding me that He was still with me, that everything was happening to me for a purpose and that if I just continue trusting in the process and wait for further instruction from Him, it’ll all work out in the end. I will one day soon understand the meaning behind every attack and why the road I’m traveling on was suddenly recalculated. Surprisingly to me, in an instant while listening to The Holy Spirit through the messages spoken through those respected pastors, I was receiving insight as to why certain attacks by particular people were occurring in my life so suddenly.

That’s the beauty in the way God works. If we just take our fingers off the wheel, our foot off the gas pedal, we can allow Him to steer us clear onto the path in which we must follow. We can begin to identify and understand why He drives us down certain winding roads and even why, at times, the original route we were initially taking needed to be recalculated and set anew course.

I’m glad to know that The Lord still has me covered. I’m glad to know that I’m in good company when I read the Bible and see what happened to Job, Jesus, Peter, Gideon, King David and countless others who have suffered for The Lord’s sake. I’m not ashamed to say I don’t know it all. I’m not ashamed to admit that I need The Lord’s guidance every step of the way. I’m not ashamed to admit that I study the word of God each and every day because I need to hear from God at all times.

The battles of this world are many and can be waning on one’s mental, spiritual, psychological and physical health. I require The Lord’s strength just to get me through the day because each and every day, the enemy attacks me in my home, in my finances, and he even tries to attack my dreams. Just as the Bible says,

““Do not touch my chosen people, and do not hurt my prophets.”” (Psalms‬ ‭105:15‬ ‭NLT‬‬)

I need the hand of God on me at all times. It’s not that The Lord isn’t there protecting me every step of the way; however, it’s that I’m strong enough to know that I am weak and cannot fight the attacks of the enemy by my lonesome. I need the armor, strength, courage, stamina and authority of heaven on my side just as I need food, sleep and clean air to survive.

So, as always, I’m encouraging you through my faith and the lessons I’m learning along my journey in Christ. There are times when I get it wrong, too. I’m glad to know that where I fail or lack understanding, God shines a light of clarity and works through me. I don’t have everything figured out; I’m learning as I go. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that my Heavenly Father continues to be patient with me as I learn the many lessons of life. I have big dreams and goals that He’s given me; but in order to achieve them, I must first submit them to him and wait on him to send proper instructions on how to go about doing them in the right way that will bring Him glory and honor.

That’s what it’s all about. Living and creating things in life that will ultimately bring The Lord all of the glory, honor and praise. I save none for myself. I give it all to God. Every plan, every idea, every business venture or partnership, every friendship, every family member, every connection to the things and people of this world, I offer up to my Creator, protector, Father, friend, confidant and comforter. I encourage you to heed my advice and do the same.

Sincerely with love,


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  1. Hi Andrea; God watches over his children, and protects them from all harm. The devil only works with appearances
    to make a person think he is winning, but God controls every outcome in the Christian’s Life. Stay strong keep your

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