What Is In A Birthday???

Today is my birthday! While I never thought I’d see the day, I’m very much glad to be alive. I’m also glad to not be spending it in the hospital. I’ve been through a lot in my past, and as of late, but I’m grateful that the mercy of The Lord is on my side.

Last week, after my first hospital stint (I’ve had multiples in one month), I was almost in a tragic, potentially fatal, car accident. It was Tuesday, October 2nd and I had been given my discharge papers from the hospital, with strict instructions on my continued at-home care. I was given prescriptions to fill, medical equipment to buy and knew I had no easy prep foods, like soup, in the house to eat as I continued my recovery process. Since I had driven myself to the hospital a week prior, I thought I was in good mental /physical condition to drive myself around to the stores and home. Big mistake! As I was heading home from finishing up at the pharmacy and market, I fell asleep behind the wheel. Unfortunately, all of the medicines still inside of me from the hospital had taken its toll on my body, and no matter how hard I tried to keep my eyes alert, I couldn’t stay focused. In the middle of rush hour traffic, on the speedy side of the two-lane highway Interstate route 76W, I drifted off into what felt like a deep sleep. It must’ve been about five minutes or so before I woke up and realized what was going on. All I know is something jolted me awake just in the knick of time to miss hitting the cement barrier on my drivers side that would’ve spun me into the next lane of traffic hitting and potentially injuring other cars and their drivers/ passengers. I was literally one inch away from the barricade and ultimate disaster!

Thank God for His grace, mercy and shield of protection. He woke me up and had me swerve in enough time to miss further damage to not only myself, but my car and the other drivers. He even allowed the car that was driving beside me to slow down in enough time in order for me to swerve out of dodge of the cement barrier and miss hitting them completely. It truly was a miracle that I was even able to continue driving home with not one scratch on me, nor my car. I tell you the God honest truth, had it not been for The Lord on my side, I would not be here to write to you about my traumatic incident, nor would I be here to even celebrate my 31st birthday!

Life is a fickle thing. The lessons learned are no walk in the park either. Yet still, we take each day in stride, learning from our mistakes and making sure not to make them twice. My mistake was doing too much too soon and thinking I was okay to get behind the wheel. Although I live with family, unfortunately, they were too preoccupied to care enough to come get me from the hospital. I know the wisest decision would’ve been to call an Uber instead and send for my car another day, but I thought I was strong enough to do it on my own. While I could wish all day long that others would’ve taken the initiative to care enough about my health and life (the way I do and did for them), to take a few minutes from their schedules to tend to my needs in that moment; this lesson, among the many others recently, taught me that I must take care of myself first — and be cautious in doing so.

If The Lord doesn’t put more on me than I can bare, why do it to myself!?

With all of the attacks on my life, that I’ve been sharing with you as of late through my previous posts, “Who Can I Run To: Will You Pray For Me???,” and “What To Do When The Enemy Attacks You,” I’m glad to know that even when I make a poor choice like driving under the influence of prescription medications, My Father God is still carefully watching over me, ensuring that no harm comes my way. Even after every attempt that the enemy has been trying on my life, God has thwarted his plans with His mighty hand. He has his angels surrounding me every step of the way, fighting hard for my life and for me to fulfill my purpose. Though there are storms sometimes seen a mile away, I thank God for blocking and blessing me through those destructive waves I did not see coming.

I had no idea that this last month leading up to my birthday would be such a trying, traumatic experience. From bronchial spasms, to asthma attacks, to upper respiratory infections, to swelling in my brain, to oxygen failure, to tachycardia, to family drama, to the exposure of people’s plots who wish death upon me and their sneaky attempts to attack my health and well being, to the lies haters have told on me, to my financial struggles, to the trips back and forth to the hospital, doctors offices, and urgent care centers every other day, to my almost fatal car accident; needless to say, I’ve been under some very heavy artillery from the enemy. Through it all, I still have a praise for it’s His grace and mercy that is keeping me alive today!

So, as you can see, today’s birthday isn’t just a normal day for me. It’s not being taken as lightly as every other birthday year in my past. Usually, I’d expect gifts, lots of pretentious love and a forced celebration on my part by people who I thought valued me. Now, I’d much rather be around the people who truly appreciate me, love me, support me, genuinely celebrate me and want to see me alive and prospering. I’m not expecting any presents for just being alive is the greatest honor there is. Through life, I get to continue on trying to achieve my dreams and goals. I get to continue on walking with The Lord on my side. I get to continue on living and thriving towards the better days that I hope, wish and dream for. I get to continue on spreading my message about the wonderful Good News of Jesus Christ!

My plans for today are to simply to celebrate myself for I’ve made it this far. I’m still alive! I have another chance at doing something extraordinarily remarkable that will allow me to leave my mark on this world. There’s so much I want to do before I leave this life, and I’m thankful that The Lord is allowing me another chance to do so. I’m going to pamper myself today. Paint my fingernails. Get my hair done. Surround myself with positive laughter and cheerful music. Have dinner with friends who truly love me and want to see me win and succeed.

At 31, after all I’ve endured, there’s no time for negativity and there’s definitely no room for drama and chaotic people in my life. As I continue to live, grow and thrive each and every day, I pledge an allegiance to myself — to take better care of me, to fight to get my health back on track, to put myself first, to become the best, healed version of myself and to fulfill and be fully content in doing The Lord’s work. Whoever I lose in the process on the way to that glorious stage of life that I desire to be at, wasn’t meant for me in that season to begin with. Life is short and precious. It’s all about creating a life worth living, trying our best each and every day to live in peace, joy, harmony and self-love. From here on out, that’s just what I’m planning on doing!

Sincerely with love,


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  1. Happy Birthday my friend!!

    Psalm 139 is also great to meditate on.

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