What To Do When The Battle Feels Overwhelming…

Good morning family in Christ! As you know, I’ve been writing to you lately about what’s going on in my life and health. These last two months have really taken a toll on me. With a bombardment of ailments and constant hospitalizations, lately I’d been feeling weighed down with sickness, worry and despair. It seems that the enemy continues to try his best to knock me out of the game. This last week has been no exception.

On Monday, October 15th, I had to go back to the hospital emergency room because my doctor was very concerned about my condition. In all my years, I cannot remember ever needing to be escorted from the doctor’s office, via ambulance, to an emergency room because I was in such bad shape that the doctor couldn’t handle it in office and thought that there was no way I could go home. I smirk a little thinking back on the notion right now, though at the time, I was scared and nervous.

What’s going to happen to me? Why is my body fighting me? Why are they talking about a possible emergency surgical procedure? Lord, why am I going through this now and why does it feel like the enemy is winning???

All of these questions ran through my mind as I continued to pray while waiting on the ambulance to arrive to take me to the hospital. It was a rough couple of hours sitting in the ER being poked and prodded by the medical team. Thankfully, my prayers worked and I was able to be released from the hospital that same day. I was given strict orders to follow up with my doctors by the end of the week, take my medicines, listen to my body and take it easy.

The rest of the week was filled with more doctor appointments and tests, as well as this coming week. With all the tests that’s been done, one of the key things that’s been discovered is alongside the poor condition of my lungs as it pertains to my asthma, I have a blood disorder. All these things have been causing tachycardia, which means my heart has been racing to try to make up for the lack of oxygen and red blood cells in my body and open airways in my lungs. My doctors have been discussing a blood transfusion; however, since my big brother, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ shed His blood for me long ago, I’m believing and expecting a resurrection type miracle that my prayers for total healing and blood restoration WITHOUT a transfusion will occur instead!

Even with my body currently in this weak, fatigued, sickly state, today the warrior in me has been reawakened, renewed and restored thanks in part to the message I received by the Holy Spirit in church this morning. All week long, I haven’t written to you in part due to my health condition, and because I hadn’t felt the spiritual strength to do so. Physically and emotionally I was drained and exhausted. The weight of everything going on in my life had taken its toll. Thanks be unto God for not giving up on me. He knew I needed to hear a word from Him this morning, which is why I could not go to sleep until I sat in and received the word from the Lord at the 8:30am service at Relentless Church. After the powerful, impactful message preached enthusiastically by Pastor John Gray, I have a smile on my face once again and feel on fire ready for war. I see you devil and I’m not backing down. I’m choosing to not allow what’s going on inside of my body to deplete my praise! I will continue to push through, write and persevere until I receive and can report back to everyone the VICTORY that I am totally and completely healed by the grace of God!!

Though my body is still trying to heal, every day I have been keeping up with my daily prayers to God and my readings of His word. With all of the attacks from the enemy on my life, I have no choice but to seek out a word from God. I need things to move, shift, turnaround in my favor for the devil cannot win!!! I will have the victory in the name of Jesus! Though the enemy has been trying to break me down, trying to make me think that this is the end and that there’s no way I can recover from this, I’m reminded today of this scripture:

“But you belong to God, my dear children. You have already won a victory over those people, because the Spirit who lives in you is greater than the spirit who lives in the world.” ‭‭(1 John‬ ‭4:4‬ ‭NLT‬‬)

Even though things are tough right now, I know that when all the chips are down, I must turn to the only person who has ever helped me in the past, who has kept me alive thus far, and who has delivered me from utter darkness — Jesus Christ! I know that my God won’t let me stay down and out forever. As I continue to read His word and listen to His teachings and encouragement by other disciples and followers of Jesus Christ, my faith is constantly being renewed. I’m able to keep pushing myself every day to speak life over my current circumstances through God’s word. I must keep moving forward!

Know that it’s not always easy; but each day, I continue to strive for the best. This week, I have two procedures/tests that will be done at the hospital, alongside an appointment with a hematologist. I look forward towards the day when I’m fully healed, but I know I must take things one day at a time, being kind to myself by listening to my body, taking my healing process slowly and encouraging myself that things will get better. I’ve played with my health long enough, placing everyone else’s health before my own. Now, it’s time to put me first for I cannot pour from an empty cup. I cannot help people if I’m not around to help them. I cannot finish my writings and fulfill my purpose if I’m dead.

So I ask that you be patient with me and continue to pray for my healing as I will continue to pray for you. Thank you always for your love and prayers of support. May God bless you, cover you and protect you from the sneaky attacks of the enemy this week in Jesus name, I pray, Amen.

Sincerely with love,


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  1. God’s grace is sufficient. Keep at it!

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