Happy New Year my friend! I know what you’re thinking: it’s been a long time since I’ve heard from you. Apologies for the delay, but 2019 was a year that I didn’t think I’d make it out in one piece; however, praise God that I’m still standing. It was a year that my health continued to deteriorate as more and more complicated issues, medical conditions and chronic diseases appeared to arise out of thin air. It was a year that revealed many things to me such as: who people really were, what their motives were, what type of support system I really had, and who I could potentially count on during my time of need. It was a year of many alone days, and sleepless nights with just God and I having some very intimate, one-on-one conversations about what was going on in my life, why I was enduring such a season and decade of tragedies, loss, heartache, pain, shame, and now serious sickness in my body, why certain people had to leave my life, and why particular situations didn’t work out. The more I fought to pick myself up, the more I was kicked right back down. The harder I fought to get my health and strength back, the more health problems aroused causing devastating grief and anguish at the news. Over the decade, I had to make personal sacrifices in order to take care of others, I’d survived many personal suicide attempts, domestic violence abuse, physical / mental / emotional / and verbal attacks from people who claimed to “love” me and “care” about me, career setbacks, family drama and unveiled family enemies, the deaths of so many close loved ones that I cared deeply for (including my best friend and beloved grandmother who raised me as her own child), fake love lost, frenemies discovered (and set free), and the list goes on and on. My friend, if I continued listing everything I’d been through in this last decade, we’d be here all day. Just know this, The Lord didn’t spare me, nor my feelings, from going through hardships. Just as Job in the Bible, I endured what I like to call the swooping tornado-tsunami-twister effect that came to tear up my life and take away everything that I loved, cared about, and held dearest to my heart. Pretty much anything you can think of, I’ve went through it, lost it, and have written about it throughout this entire blog site, or what I sometimes like to call, my own personal gospel. {If you don’t understand that reference, please google the terminology “gospel”} Needless to say, 2019 and the decade that preceded it, was a time I am glad to see gone!

I am moving forward to see what this new 2020+ has to offer me. I pray it’s better than the last. I initially started today’s post with the intent to write and share my whole story / journey with you of what exactly has been going on with me these past couple months, as well as the lessons learned, but it appears God may have other plans as I am feeling led elsewhere. Until we meet again, I pray your strength in The Lord. I pray that this year is a better year for you than the last. I pray that you feel encouraged to take a leap of faith in whatever direction The Lord is pushing you towards to try something new and exciting that will not only benefit you, but will bring glory and honor to His name. I pray that this year you embrace self love more, spend time with God through prayer and reading His word (the bible), and that you learn to stop overthinking, stressing, and worrying about things that should be left up for God to handle. Please know that You are enough! God loves you and He has a plan for your life. You matter to God! I pray that you never forget that His love, peace, grace, joy, kindness, and mercy is freely given to you. May this year be one of the best years of your life. I pray for miracles to come your way and for Christ to reveal himself to you. In Jesus’ name, Amen. Have a Happy New Year and enjoy the rest of your day!

Sincerely with Love,


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