I’ve decided to start a new personal blog where I share my own unique story as I navigate through my large closet of Life! Just like fashion, each day brings its own fabulous joys and horrendous faux pas moments of despair. As I trudge through my wardrobe, I’m learning that the key to getting through the ginormous pile of dirty laundry that life tends to throw my way, is to have faith, trust my journey, embrace whatever emotions I’m feeling at the time knowing that this is not the end and that I must keep my chin up so my crown doesn’t fall off! The only thing I can do when life gets me down and I cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, is to deal with what I can control and try not to sweat the small stuff. I know it’s sooo much easier said then done! I’ve tried many times and failed. But my failures show me the caliber of my strength and my resilience to overcome.

What keeps me going after failing? Knowing and believing that there’s something else greater in store for me! I believe that if I stay true to myself, let my conscience be my guide and hold on to my faith, I can overcome anything that stands in my way. Conquering what stands before me may not happen overnight, it may not even be within a month or a year – Rome was not built in a day. Some days may be great, other days, not so much. My goal is to continue to move forward, focus on myself and make myself happy while handling the things that I can control. 


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